Activity for Creating Letters and Words Out of Nature at Home

Activity for Creating Letters and Words

The Children’s Center in Portland, Maine, currently has its students learning from home due to recent World events. This has not stopped everyone from creative, however!

They came up with an activity that involves taking pieces of nature and using them to design letters and make words!

Making Words Out of Nature

As you can see from the above pictures, The Children’s Center gathered rocks and used differently shaped ones to make an assortment of letters and create words such as, “Hi,” “Miss You,” “Love,” and, “Bee.” Your children can make fun words out of rocks as well, or use other kinds of nature to make letters and words! Should you want, you can explore your backyard and gather things such sticks, leaves, or anything else that looks like it would be useful to create letters and words.

The key is just to be creative and enjoy going outside before using the things you gather to make fun words!

The Children’s Center
Portland, ME, United States

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