DIY Butterfly Feeders for Kids

.Grace Robinson
DIY Butterfly Feeders for Kids

DIY Butterfly Feeders for Kids

At Community Preschool and Childcare they made their own butterfly feeders that after being decorated could be put outside to attract butterflies!

Materials Needed for DIY Butterfly Feeders

To make a DIY butterfly feeder you will need the following:

  • A small paper plate or plastic lid
  • A hole punch or sharp pen/pencil
  • String
  • Beads
  • Nectar (like the kind bought at a store for hummingbird feeders)

How to Make Your DIY Butterfly Feeder

To make your DIY butterfly feeder follow these steps:

  1. Take your small paper plate/plastic lid and punch four holes around it with your hole punch/sharp pen or pencil.
  2. Take four pieces of string and put them in the loops (knot them in there).
  3. At the other end of the string, start putting on beads until it is decorated how you like.
  4. Tie all four stings into a knot together at the other end to keep the beads from falling off!
  5. Take the top knotted part and hang it from a tree.
  6. Add some nectar to attract butterflies and watch as they come to your DIY feeder!

Source for Photos: Community Preschool and Childcare

DIY Butterfly Feeders for Kids
July 4, 2020
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