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Early Childhood with Natural Materials

meutia thufailah muthmainnah
Early Childhood with Natural Materials

Early childhood learning activities

Early Childhood with Natural Materials

using natural materials. Sticking or creating a collage of pictures of grandparents using corn seeds, green bean seeds, leaves, and blueberry fruit dyes. This activity serves as an introduction to family members, namely grandparents, and teaches children to think creatively.

Beforehand, the children are encouraged to search for natural materials in the school garden. The teacher provides cards with instructions about what natural materials to look for and how many of each.

This activity is part of area-based learning in early childhood education, as an implementation of the "Kurikulum Merdeka" With this activity, I, as a teacher, observe children becoming focused on what they are doing, and it serves as an innovative renewal. Other teachers can also try this type of learning. I search for pictures of grandparents on the internet.

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Early Childhood with Natural Materials
October 29, 2023
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