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Special Ed - Early Childhood

Jenna Woods
Special Ed - Early Childhood

I love teaching kids this age. I have been teaching for about 6 years and still love it. I have some challenging days, but I enjoyed it. I learn something new everyday from this job and I still learning. I Like finding activities for children to explore. Children this age learn through play. By incorporating our lesson plan and content areas through fun activities is the best way to teacher younger kids. I also love to crate my own activities. this way I can design and shape the activities to fit what I wanted my students to learn. I am trying to avoid worksheet with this age. Most of activities in my classroom are hands on. The toys and materials in the room serves more than one purpose. They can learn counting, naming object, color, and shape from one toy/activity. I also love to see them grow. It is rewarding to see them achieve the goals we have set for them with our help.

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Special Ed - Early Childhood
November 17, 2022
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