Easter Bunny Jumping Game

Easter Bunny Jumping Game

Easter Bunny Jumping Game

This game is used when working Easter theme. You can be helped by thechildren to prepare all the material you need to make it (the result will be a lovely colorful game, because they can colour all the eggs as they like, so they feel part of the procces and they are even more motivated to play the game. You can also agree the rules with them, and they can write them if they are big enough or use pictograms too.

I use this game with children of three, four and five years, but at last we used it with children of first and second grade and it worked very good.

The game is like the 'Goose Game', but in a giant form. You use giant easter eggs to make the board on the floor and to make the dice you can use even numbers or put little eggs or even both. They play in groups of five or six. You can make teams.

They love playing this game.

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Easter Bunny Jumping Game
February 10, 2021
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