Having an Easter Egg Hunt!

Having an Easter Egg Hunt!

Having an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is this Sunday, April 4th. In anticipation of the holiday, they had an Easter egg hunt at Kid Academy! The teachers had filled plastic eggs with candy and toys then those eggs were hidden all over the outside playground. The students were then allowed to look for the eggs and everyone found many of them! The kids loved popping the eggs open and seeing what treats were inside.

Hunting for all the eggs!

The class had a lovely time running around outside and hunting for all the Easter eggs. You can easily do an Easter egg hunt for your classroom or household too. All you need are plastic eggs that can easily be bought at a store and little toys and candy that can be put in the eggs. Keep in mind some children may have certain allergies (such as chocolate) or need sugar-free candy, so be aware of these issues before putting the candy in eggs. It'll be a very fun time when the kids find the eggs!

Source for photos: Kid Academy

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Having an Easter Egg Hunt!
April 1, 2021
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