Educational book about The profession of chef

Educational book about The profession of chef

Educational book is a good way to introduce kid with lots of things. This book was created by me. I will educated my son, when he will grow old and then I will teach kindergarten kids. This book is about profession of chef. A kid will learn about food and who make them in restaurant.

The book has it own stickers. So you can learn everything by stick them in every page, which contains of a different theme. For example donuts should be on baking sheet. Vegetables in pen or in pot. There are also a jar of glass. Near them you can find recepies, for a different mix or jam.

I tried a bit with my kids in kindergarten, but not as much as I wanted. When I get back to my job, I will start over with this book again. They liked this activities. They are interested in cooking process. And If you making a theme of week, this book is absolutely perfect. It's for cognitive skills, fine motor skills, a little bit of math, colours.

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Educational book about The profession of chef
August 6, 2021
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