Egg Carton Color Match and Counting Activity

Egg Carton Color Match and Counting Activity

Egg Carton Color Match and Counting ActivityI believe that most of us have seen this activiy somewhere. I personally love these activity as my boy can spend almost an hour plus in just picking up each color and put into the carton again and again. However if ur kids is very young, kindly have a adult beside while playing, child tends to put everything into their mouth when we didnt supervised them. Things to prepare:

  • Recycled plastic egg carton
  • Coloured paper
  • Marker pen
  • Pom poms / any other object (Like marble, stones, Cubes etc)
 Place colour paper with number written on them.There are actually three ways to play this activity, either you want your kids to learn only colour or numbers or both.My boy is now 2 years old, he only knows how to place the pom pom according to the color in this plastic egg carton. He doesn't care the number written on top, however he does count the poms poms while placing inside.Try this out! Its does look really simple to prepare, and kids can learn their number and colour in a more fun way. Thank you.

Egg Carton Color Match and Counting Activity
April 7, 2020
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