Egg Carton Igloo

.Mia Brown
Egg Carton Igloo

Egg Carton Igloo

Over at Southeast Fountain Elementary School in Veedersburg, Indiana the class of Mrs. Reberger made an amazing creation! The class gathered a variety of egg carton donations so that they could put together an incredible egg carton igloo.

The Pre-K class then got hard to work building the egg carton igloo.

Assembling the Egg Carton Igloo

Building the egg carton igloo required a lot of careful stacking after the class discusses how the igloo would be shaped and what extra supports would maybe be needed. The class used poster tubes to extra fortification as they assembled what turned-out to be a gorgeous egg carton igloo. They used all the gray egg cartons as a foundation for the igloo and then proceeded to use blue and white ones for the higher sections all the way up to the top. It helped to form a great-looking design and pattern with all the cartons. Once the igloo was done the children had so much fun going inside it!

building this awesome igloo

Southeast Fountain Elementary School
Veedersburg, IN, United States

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Egg Carton Igloo
January 31, 2020
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