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Elmer Rainbow Sensory Tray

Elmer Rainbow Sensory Tray

In our class we made this rainbow sensory tray about Elmer the elephant.

For those who don't know Elmer, he was a multicolour elephant. Elmer lived among a lot of grey elephants. Even though he was different than them, they still accepted him the way he was. The moral of Elmer's story is that everyone is unique and has something that puts them apart from everyone else. Also, we don't have to hide ourselves because of our differences.

The children enjoyed exploring the colours from the sensory tray. They got curious in getting to know more about Elmer :)

This is a very fun and exciting activity where children can learn a lot!

Elmer Rainbow Sensory Tray
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Elmer Rainbow Sensory Tray
December 29, 2023
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