Emotions matching

Emotions matching

This activity is a way for children to learn different emotions. After showing the emotions flashcard with my children, I will pick one randomly and ask "How do you feel?", they will answer " I feel. " according to the flashcard. Then they will try to mix and match to find the exact same emotion.

Emotions matching

The following words are the different words that I have taught to my children:

- Happy

- Sad

- Scared

- Angry

There are also different ways of using these emotions puzzle, where I put all the pieces inside a bag and I'll let them choose one at a time and say which body parts is it, then they can put it on the blank face paper. When they finished putting up the body parts I will ask them the same question again. "How do you feel?" The children will answer "I feel. "

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Emotions matching
July 10, 2021
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