Pumpkin Emotions Activity

Pumpkin Emotions Activity

Pumpkin Emotions Activity

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Young preschool and Kindergarten students sometimes have difficulty expressing their emotions. This pumpkin emotions activity allows them to assemble four different pumpkins showing unique emotions and discuss these feelings while putting them together.

The Emotions on the Pumpkins

As the students put together the four pumpkins with different emotions they can discuss each one:

Happy: When you feel like smiling, laughing, and cheering.

Sad: The kind of emotion where you might want to frown, cry, and not be talked to.

Angry: This emotion makes you feel hot, shaky, and like you maybe want to yell loudly.

Surprised: Feeling this way can be scary, make you feel sick to your tummy, and cause you to jump or scream from the shock.

Pumpkin-Face Templates

How To Assemble the Pumpkins for the Pumpkin Emotions Activity

Print-out four of the blank pumpkin templates. You can print the already-colorized version or do the black-and-white one if you want your students to color it in.

Print out each of the four pumpkin-face templates. Some have filled-in mouths and others are blank if you want students to color them in as well.

Have students glue the eyes and mouth from each of the four templates onto the pumpkins until they are have four unique pumpkins showing emotion.

While assembling the pumpkins have the students talk about each emotion as described in the previous section.

Once the students are done they can keep the pumpkins to help them anytime they need assistance describing their emotions!

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Pumpkin Emotions Activity
October 6, 2019
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