Fall Worksheets and Printables for Preschool

20 FREE Fall Worksheets

Collection of printable fall worksheets for kids. Children will enjoy the fall counting practice and word and picture matching worksheets, kids will love the missing letter and fall word scramble worksheets as well as our secret fall message decoding puzzle.

All of these worksheets are available in perfect printable. Have some fun with these printable fall worksheets!

Free Fall Worksheets

  1. Capital and Lowercase. Cut and paste the letter in the right box.
  2. Picture sort. Cut and past items the correct box.

3. Color by Letter. Use the code to color the picture

4. Letter find. Find the hidden letters. Count and write down how much you find. The color of the picture.

5. Fall color. Color the animals friends the correct color

6. Letter order. Cut and paste the correct missing letter.

7. Shortest to Tallest. Color and cut out the mushrooms. Paste them from shortest to tallest.

8. Sizing Up Autumn Items. Color the tallest item in each box.

9. Racing Animal Tracing. Help the animal race to the end of the page. Trace the dotted lines. Then color the pictures.

10. Tracing Shape. Track the shapes of owls. Then cut and paste the items into the desired box.

Uppercase Letters & Capital Letters Activities

11-12. This free, printable alphabet matching activity prompts children to match the upper-case letter to the lowercase to combine two halves of an image to make a full one.

Preschool Fall Math Worksheets

+ 8 FREE Math Worksheets for preschoolers: Color by number, Number tracing, Number sense, Fall counting…

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