Family members activity for kids - 1st grade

Andrea Rojas
Family members activity for kids - 1st grade

The teacher will ask the students for cards with pictures of each of the family members, for example: one picture of the mom, one of the dad, one of the grandmother, one of the grandfather, etc.

And separate cards will be made with the names of the family members: e.g. mom, dad, uncle, grandma, etc. and then each child can play to match the names and the photo.

The size of the pictures is small so that the cards can be placed on the floor and provide a different environment for the children.

A different activity for children that helps to reinforce vocabulary and good pronunciation, also helps socialization and work on speaking the language.

The main idea is that the children do the activity on their own and can reinforce the theme of the class.

Then each student will be given a cardboard card so they can make a family tree with the pictures that each one brought, they can do it with cardboard and the idea is that guided by the names on the cards they can build their family tree.

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Family members activity for kids - 1st grade
March 22, 2023
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