Emotions Match Worksheet for Preschoolers

Emotions Match Worksheet for Preschoolers

Emotions Match Worksheet for Preschoolers

I downloaded a worksheet on emotions and conducted emotional activities with the children.

We introduced emotions suitable for each situation and conducted activities where children came out and connected.

Children were asked to share their emotions and speak one by one, and children over the age of seven were asked to develop their confidence by doing it with their friends.

The process of the activity was as follows:

1. The teacher explained emotional words one by one.

2. We explained how each emotion would be felt in different situations.

3. The children said each emotion word.

4. If the emotional words were fully practiced, we proceeded with the above activities according to age.

Free Emotions Match Worksheet

Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it! You can use plain printing paper as well as the A3 format.

Download free worksheet

Through this activity, children ages 4 to 5 could easily learn emotional words, while those ages 6 to 7 could speak sentences using emotional words.

I recommend using this worksheet as a daily routine to continue practicing emotional awareness and expression.

Post edited. The worksheet is drawn by the artist of TeachersMag.com

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Emotions Match Worksheet for Preschoolers
March 27, 2023
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