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Fingerprint Pot of gold

Ashley Christiansen
Fingerprint Pot of gold

Fingerprint Pot of gold

This is a fun St. Patricks Day activity that parents can also treasure because it uses the child's fingerprint. First I read a book to the kids about finding a pot of gold and what it meant about finding a pot of gold. To get things ready, you just need to get all the colors you want to use. Put all the colors on a paper plate. Call each child over one at a time and have them dip their thumb in the paint and make a rainbow to go to their pot of gold. I just drew a pot of gold out of black paper and then use gold glitter. I put this on heavy card stock paper so that parents could keep this as a keepsake. You could even add a title to it and print it if you needed.


Red Paint

Orange Paint

Yellow Paint

Green Paint

Blue Paint

Purple Paint

Card Stock

Gold Glitter

Black Paper

The kids loved this activity because it got their fingers messy and parents loved it because it captured their fingerprints.

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Fingerprint Pot of gold
September 16, 2022
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