Fire Safety in the Classroom

Fire Safety in the Classroom

We are beginning to talk about fire safety in my toddler classroom and I would like to label things in dramatic play in order for the children to be able to place things back in their spot and be able to recognize them. I have done fire safety in my classroom many times and the children really learned a lot about firefighters their tools, the truck, and how they can prevent fires and even help others when there is a fire. Fire safety is a big lesson to learn in this day in time and if I can provide this service to my 2 and 3-year-olds, this will carry them through for many years to come not to mention it may spark an interest in them to want to become future firefighters and help and protect others in the community. In the past the children in y room explored and were very interested in how things work, like fire extinguishers, we even had foremen come to the school and let the children see the real instruments used on the fire truck.

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Fire Safety in the Classroom
April 18, 2022
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