Fire Safety Week Activities

Fire Safety Week Activities

Fire Safety Week Activities

This week has been fire safety week. It happens every October and is a great time to review the importance of fire safety with young students. By learning how to prevent, avoid, and survive fires students can be prepared should a situation ever arise where there is a fire.

Learning to call 911

In the case of a fire, it is imperative that the children know how to call 911. They discussed how that was the number for emergencies and put fire-colored construction paper squares over the outline of that important three-digit number that gets dialed.

Putting out fires

The kids practiced putting out fires on their toy houses. They squirted water on the imaginary fire and talked about how water is key to putting fires out.

Firefighter dramatic play

Some of the kiddos wanted to dress up and imagine they were firefighters. They loved this dramatic play! It was a fantastic week of fire safety.

Source for photos: Roots Learning Center

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Fire Safety Week Activities
October 8, 2021
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