Fire Truck Snack Activity

Olivia Johnson
Fire Truck Snack Activity

Fire Truck Snack Activity

Snacks are always a delicious part of the day, and preschool and kindergarten students love how, "Grown-up," they feel when they get to make their own snack. These edible fire trucks that children can assemble make a great treat that is fun to assemble and then eat!

Christ the Rock Preschool

Rockford, Illinois

Examples of the Process to Make a Tasty Fire Truck

As these pictures below of the students at Christ the Rock Preschool in Rockford, Illinois show, the students greatly enjoyed making their fire trucks!

Picture 1: The student carefully spread frosting on her cracker.

Picture 2: This student enjoyed putting a piece of Chex cereal on his fire truck to serve as the, "Window."

Picture 3: A young student carefully put her ladder on the fire truck made-out of pretzel sticks.

Clearly these students had a great deal of fun making their fire trucks and by making sure you have the proper ingredients and following the directions below you can build some delicious fire trucks too!

Ingredients Needed to Make the Fire Truck

A graham cracker

Red-colored frosting

2 Chocolate Nilla wafers (the chocolate flavor look more like tires)

A piece of Chex cereal

One red grumdrop

2 whole pretzel sticks

4 pretzel stick halves

A plastic knife

Directions to Make the Fire Truck Snack

Use the plastic knife to spread the red-colored frosting on the graham cracker.

Add the two chocolate Nilla wafers to the bottom of the graham cracker so that they look like wheels.

Place the Chex cereal piece towards the edge of the graham cracker so it looks like a window.

Place the two pretzel sticks horizontal on the graham cracker.

Put the four pretzel stick halves between the two whole sticks so that it looks like a little ladder.

Place the gum drop toward to the top of the cracker by the window--this is the fire truck's emergency light.

Now the fire truck snack is done and the students can enjoy their tasty treat!


Directions to Make the Fire Truck Snack
A quick lick of her frosting just to make sure it really is tasty! This is the best part of making your own snack.

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Fire Truck Snack Activity
October 14, 2019
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