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First Day Activity

Gowry Puri
First Day Activity

I am the curriculum and training head of a preschool in the state of Gujrat, India.

On the first day of kindergarten, we encourage the parents to accompany their children and stay with them in the classroom. We let them sit on the mat on the floor or on the chairs. Some children cling to their parents, while others eagerly explore the colorful classroom. Some children shyly observe their new surroundings, while others immediately make new friends and begin to interact with their peers.

The teachers greet the parents and children with warm smiles, offering reassurance and support during this transition. The teachers engage the children and the parents in playful activities to help them feel comfortable and welcome.

1.Colour paper sheets, scissors and pencils are kept in three different baskets. We let the parents and children choose one colour sheet each. First the parent draws the outline on the child’s hand on the sheet. Then the child draws the hand of the parent. The outline is then cut. One all the parents have finished this activity, the teacher then pastes all the cutouts and hangs it on the door of the classroom.

First Day Activity

2. Parents, children and teachers sit on the floor in a circle. A beautiful flower arrangement, aromatic incense stick with candle is placed in the center. Soft soothing music is played. The teacher then informally chats with the parents. Parents exchange encouraging words with the teachers, expressing their hopes and concerns for their little ones.

The teacher then hands over a stick-on note and asks the parents to write a gratitude note for two things that their child has and two things they wish their child to develop/possess. The parents then paste it on the display board.

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First Day Activity
January 30, 2024
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