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First Initial Collage

Kayla Davies
First Initial Collage

Collage is a wonderful open-ended project for preschoolers that allows them to explore color & texture, develop fine motor skills like cutting & gluing, and expressing individual creativity. Children love having the freedom to make their own creative choices with art and this is a great way to foster that independence and creativity. You can incorporate collage into almost any theme or type of lesson, and making a collage of each child's first initial is a fun way to start the year and reinforce name/letter recognition.


Gather a variety of colorful loose ends and craft supplies- ribbon, sequins, patterned paper, yarn, pom poms, felt shapes, feathers, etc.

Trace and cut out each child's first initial out of thick poster board.


Give each child glue and an assortment of collage materials to choose from and let them run wild! Allow the glue to dry for several hours, and trim any paper hanging off the edge.

First Initial Collage
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First Initial Collage
September 21, 2023
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