Fishing for Sounds: Magnetic Game

Fishing for Sounds: Magnetic Game

Fishing for Sounds: Magnetic Game

We've got a fun game for you called "Fishing for Sounds". It's a great way to practice recognizing letters and their first sounds.

Here's how it works: we've got a set of fish drawings for you to print out, each one featuring an item that starts with a different letter of the alphabet. There are 26 fish in total, so you'll have plenty to catch!

Sound Fishing Initial Sounds Game

To get started, print out the fish and cut them out. Then attach a paperclip to each fish and grab a fishing rod with a magnet on the end. Now you're ready to start fishing!

For extra durability, you can laminate the fish. And to help you practice even more, we've included a sheet with tracing letters of the alphabet. Every time you catch a fish, trace the letter that corresponds to the initial sound of the object on the fish.

We hope you have a blast playing this game!

How to Download for FREE

You can download this set for free by adding your post on our website. Read more about how to do this here.

Also, if you want to purchase files you can do so by going to this website.

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Fishing for Sounds: Magnetic Game
April 18, 2023
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