Flower Measurement Worksheets

Flower Measurement Worksheets

Flower Measurement Worksheets

These flower measurement activities are a fun addition to math lessons, especially if you are exploring garden or spring themes! They are suitable for children in preschool or kindergarten.

1. Flower Measurement Mats

This engaging activity will help children learn to order objects from shortest to tallest.

Cut out the flowers along the dotted lines to separate them and mix up the sizes.

Begin by searching for the shortest flower and placing it on the "shortest" place. Then compare the height of all the flowers and put them on the mat in order from shortest to tallest. You can also use this mat with real or artificial flowers cut to different lengths. Additionally, you can take a nature walk and pick some flowers. Children can then place them in order on the worksheet and secure them in place using tape.

2. Flower Measurement Worksheet

Children just need to look at the flowers and color the correct answer. In the left column, children should color the shortest flower, while in the right column they should color the tallest one.

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Flower Measurement Worksheets
April 25, 2023
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