Free Printables For Fire Station-Themed Dramatic Play

Free Printables For Fire Station-Themed Dramatic Play

Who is Ready For Fire Prevention Week?

One of the main ways young children learn is through playing. These free printables are prefect for engaging in dramatic play that is fire station-themed. Fire Prevention Week for 2019 runs from October 6th-12th so now is the perfect time to learn about fire safety in a way that is both fun and educational!

Free Printables For Dramatic Play

Fire Station: Have this printable hung-up at the, “Fire Station,” so kids know where it is!

Fire Truck Parking: This printable represent where the fire truck should be parked when not rushing to fires.

Fire Extinguisher: The fire extinguisher printable serves as a sign to show where these important tools should be!

Operation Station 911: Whenever someone calls 911 (such as when there is a fire) they reach the operation station where all the 911 operators are found. This printable signifies where the 911 operation station is!

Dial 911 In an Emergency: Put this printable on display in the pretend house/business/etc. where a fire may break-out so that students know to (pretend) to call 911 during their dramatic play.

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! It is just one of the gifts you will be sent after sharing a post here at with us!  Just click here to learn more.

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website


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