Frog-Themed Shape and Counting Activity Worksheets

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Frog-Themed Shape and Counting Activity Worksheets

These worksheets are themed for frogs and feature worksheets with the frogs in different shapes as well as a counting activity with a puzzle where the numbers are put in order. The free printables are below!

Frog Shapes

These frog shapes are over 2 sheets and feature the frog with its body in an assortment of shapes (six total, three on each sheet). There are shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, and more. Each card can be cut in half so that the frog shape is then matched with the actual shape itself. Everything can be laminated too so that the activity can be done multiple times by numerous students.

Frog Counting

This worksheet has five segments that can be cut up and then put in order by students via them counting up from 1 through 5. By doing this the worksheet will be in proper order. This worksheet can be laminated as well so that can students can do it multiple times.

How to Download the Files

This entire file package can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here for details.

Also, if you want to purchase the sheets you can do so by going to this website. 

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