Fun Printable Shape Crafts for Young Children

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Fun Printable Shape

These crafts involve pritning the main image and cutting it out along with the parts that go with it such as dog paws, robot claws, owl feet, and so forth.

Then you glue the parts that go together with ropes or ribbons with the main image so that it looks like they are hanging from the main image. All of the people and animals are different shapes which makes them great for learning about circles, triangles, ovals, squares, and so forth. When doing this activity with young children it can be extra run to review what shapes are being used!

Printable Shape Crafts

Below are the printable shape crafts that can be printed-out, cut-up, and then glued together approrpriately to make the fun crafts. It may be wise to start with the easier shapes such as circles or ovals and then use the, “Sharper,” shapes as studnets get more comfortable cutting the pieces out.

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! It is one of the gifts you are sent upon sharing a post here at!  Click here to see more

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website

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