Fun with craft. Topic: clothes

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Fun with craft. Topic: clothes

Fun with craft. Topic: clothes

Activity: Dressing up the paper doll with clothes.

Topic: Clothes

Teacher prepares paper dolls and items that students learn in the lesson: shirt, T-shirt, dress, shoes, hat,. with different colours.

The aim of this activity: Help students remember new words and apply new structures in speaking.

Students: dress up the paper doll according to teacher's requirements or other student's requirements by putting the indicated items on the body of the baby doll.

Structures: "He/She is wearing a yellow T-shirt with jeans."

It is an attractive activity for my students in my English classes. Students can remember clearly about new vocabulary and structures. They all want to play that game in the next lessons.

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Fun with craft. Topic: clothes
August 18, 2023
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