Clothesline to teach clothes content in English

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Clothesline to teach clothes content in English

Clothesline to teach clothes content in English

First you will need:

EVA (various colors)



Adhesive Velcro

Permanent Pen

Gift Ribbon

1. You will then cut out a square of EVA color of your choice, making two squares of the same size.

2. You can print on the internet the patterns of clothes and sizes of your choice to be able to scratch on the EVA and then cut them out.

3. When you finish cutting the clothes, you will use the permanent pen to outline the clothes and decorate them in your own way.

4. Soon after you will take one of the EVA squares, you will cut two pieces

of gift ribbon larger than the EVA, you will place it on the EVA, fold the leftover ends of the ribbon to the back of the EVA and secure with gummed tape.

5. Soon after, you will put glue behind all the EVA and you will glue the other part that was cut out of EVA, the other square so that it is a thicker and more resistant surface and so it does not show the tape attached to the back.

6. Now, you will attach the Velcro adhesives to the clothes and the two gift strips that were attached to the cardstock.

7. Then just decorate as you like. You can get more molds on the internet and make the washing machine as shown in the photo.

8. I hope it helped you! If you liked it leave your comment, I will appreciate it very much.

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Clothesline to teach clothes content in English
May 26, 2022
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