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Germ Science Experiment with Bread

Alexandria Welker
Germ Science Experiment with Bread

Germ Science Experiment with Bread

We learned all about germs in this activity! To start our day off we read a book titled what are germs? We learned all about what they are, then we looked at real pictures of germs. We used our language skills to talk about what we see, think, and wonder about the germs. After that we decided to do a science experiment. It's called the germ bread science experiment. We had to lick our hand, and then touch the bread. After we each had a turn, we then put hand sanitizer on, and then touched the bread! We then went and washed our hands for a full 20 seconds, and then touched a different slice of bread. After that we hung the bread in our window. We made guesses about what will happen to the bread, and then it was up to waiting for results. Every day we looked at our bread and made observations. It took almost two weeks to notice a change. The bread that we had touched with our dirty hands started to turn yellow. It was the only piece to grow mold on it. The kids loved checking on our bread every day!

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Germ Science Experiment with Bread
August 25, 2022
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