See-Through Egg Science Experiment

See-Through Egg Science Experiment

See-Through Egg Science Experiment

This fun science experiment they did at Rachael's Daycare & Preschool allowed children to turn an egg see-through so they could view the membrane inside. Plus, when they handled the egg it felt neat and rubbery--it could even bounce! Everyone needed to be careful though, as it still could break!

Materials needed for the see-through egg experiment

To do this experiment you will need:

*A large glass/measuring cup


*An egg

How to do the see-through egg experiment

Follow these steps to do the see-through egg experiment:

1. Gather your materials of the glass, egg, and the vinegar.

2. Place the egg in your glass.

3. Pour the vinegar into the glass, filling it and making sure it covers the egg.

4. Leave the egg for at least 48 hours/two days.

5. After enough time has passed the egg will be see-thorough and feel rubbery!

6. Take the egg out and gently handle it. Discuss the parts inside of the egg that can now be seen, such as the yolk.

7. When done, throw away the egg and clean-up the glass full of vinegar.

Soruce for photos: Rachael's Daycare & Preschool

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See-Through Egg Science Experiment
August 30, 2020
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