Giant Spider Web Outdoor Activity for Preschoolers

Many species of spiders are known for weaving webs to catch insects such as flies. At Parents Nursery School in Palo Alto, California they simulated this with a fun outdoor activity that is great for preschoolers!

They made a giant spider web and then threw paper-plane, “Insects,” at it which got “Caught,” in the sticky web. It was a great day for spiders but not so lucky for any flying bugs!

Parents Nursery School
Palo Alto, California

How To Make Your Own Giant Spider Web

Using masking tape make multiple lines that simulate a web between the tree branches on a tree or multiple nearby trees.

Talk with students about how spiders will often weave webs and then use these webs to catch insects that fly by and become captured in the sticky webs.

Help students with making paper-planes and discuss how everyone is going to pretend these paper planes are flying bugs.

Have students throw the paper-planes towards the web, talk about how some, “Bugs,” may fly past or through but many others get caught, an example of a how a spider web works and the way the spider catches its food!

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