Handprint Animals for Zoo Week

Handprint Animals for Zoo Week

Handprint Animals for Zoo Week

At Presbyterian Preschool, they had a zoo week! They learned all about zoo animals and then in honor of the week painted their own zoo animals that they illustrated by using their handprints. It was a fun activity that allowed the kids to feel the texture of the paint on their hands and literally put a, "Piece," of themselves in their painting by having it contain their handprint!

Making animals from handprints

The students covered their hands in the color of paint they wanted to use to create the animal's head or body and then pressed their hands down on their paper. After doing that, they used their paintbrushes to add to the animal they wanted to have painted. The kids made giraffes, lions, and all other sorts of animals you would find at the zoo.

Source for photos: Presbyterian Preschool

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Handprint Animals for Zoo Week
April 19, 2021
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