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How to play with the alphabet

Loan Tran
How to play with the alphabet

Show a word with a missing letter. Students play in group of two.

Teacher needs to prepare 2 tunnels, alphabet flashcards or pictures if necessary.

Then devide students into different groups of two.

Teacher show the word and give each pair of student some seconds to look at the word and think about the answer.

After that, teacher counts from 1 to 3, then students craw through a tunnel to find the correct letter for the word.

When the students get the correct answer, teacher asks them to spell the word.

This activity is for young learners.

They are all excited and have fun. They can remember the letters, know how to spell words and know how to pronounce new words

How to play with the alphabet
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How to play with the alphabet
November 25, 2023
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