Alphabet Tracing Printable!

Lindsey Jamerson
Alphabet Tracing Printable!

This is a super cute alphabet tracing printable! It's simple and easily traced, and is great letter writing practice for preschoolers! I teach Pre-K and I placed them into clear pockets and my students traced them using white board markers and then they can be used over and over again as daily handwriting practice. I use them as part of my morning literacy lessons. This has the full alphabet, both uppercase and lower case letters, something I struggled to find so I made my own! My kids really enjoyed these and again they are an amazing way to get those ABCs down! Definitely recommend if you are looking for something similar so that the kiddos in your life can work on their letter writing! They'll be writing letters on their own in no time! Thanks so much for taking the time to use my printable, I love sharing with other teachers and seeing what we all create!

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Alphabet Tracing Printable!
October 8, 2021
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