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Icicle-Themed Outside Painting Activity

.Abigail Miller
Icicle-Themed Outside Painting Activity

Icicle-Themed Outside Painting Activity

At Evans Early Childhood in Fort Morgan, Colorado they spent a Thursday taking their painting activity outside! The topic of the day was icicles and this painting activity was themed for them.

As icicles are found outside in the cold weather it made sense for everyone to put on their coats and go out to do some painting--plus it could be a bit messy which made being outdoors smart.

Making Icicle-Themed Works of Art

The icicle-themed painting was done by having the students put a big glob of paint at the top of their canvas and then watch as it trickled-down, making the appearance of an icicle.

The students loved watching the paint form the beautiful icicle-like shape.

Plus, once they were done with the icicle-themed painting they did a science experiment where they formed crystals into their own little icicles.

It was a great way to relax and warm-up indoors while doing some more science after painting outside where it was chilly!

Evans Early Childhood
Fort Morgan, CO, United States

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Icicle-Themed Outside Painting Activity
January 9, 2020
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