Ideas for Doing Centers/Game Time

Ideas for Doing Centers/Game Time

Ideas for Doing Centers/Game Time

At Milestones Early Childhood Learning they had the kids break into groups to do centers/"Game time." They did a number of fun activities in each group, any of which could work great at your school!

Some kids played with shape blocks and made bigger shapes from the little ones.

The children also used magnets and explored how positive and negative magnets react to one another.

One table painted a watermelon out of pieces of construction paper they cut-up.

Another group of kids played the popular card game, "Uno."

A number of the children loved shaping and squishing, "Floam."

The last group played games of, "Connect 4."

All the children had a lovely time in each center. Because all the centers were fun the kids were always excited to rotate to another activity!

Source for photos: Milestones Early Childhood Learning

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Ideas for Doing Centers/Game Time
September 8, 2020
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