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Lacing Acorn Craft!

Jessica Stortzum
Lacing Acorn Craft!

My preschool students absolutely loved this activity!

Materials needed:

- brown construction paper

- tan construction paper

- tan yarn

- hole punch

- pencil

- scissors

- glue stick


1. First, we pre-cut acorn tops on brown paper and punch holes in them.

2. Then, they then took tan yarn to lace it through the holes. This was great for fine motor and hand-eye!

3. Next, they took a tan piece of paper to trace their hands and used scissors to cut them out!

4. Then all they did was glue the top part of the acorn to the upside down hand and they were done! They drew designs to be creative if they wanted!

They LOVED making these especially during the fall season as they were making connections to what was happening outside.

This is a very simple activity to do with your kids or students to practice multiple pre-writing skills!

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Lacing Acorn Craft!
October 12, 2023
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