Letter/Sound Identification

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Letter/Sound Identification

Letter/Sound Identification

This game was a great addition for a kid and mom who are tired of flashcards, and a mom's new fascination with the free canva app. This game took less than 30 minutes to put together, and can be used countless times.

To begin print the included game board, laminate it if you want it to last for many rounds of playing this game. Make a spinner by taking a paper clip and holding it down with a pen on the board on top of the pie on the page. You could also order as spinner off of amazon. The ones with a suction cup on the back work really well. Let child spin and use counter to move across the game saying the sounds as you go.

This game works when working with one child or many. You can add prizes, or timed for additional motivation.

Sometimes we all need a break from flashcards.

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Letter/Sound Identification
March 12, 2022
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