Living Science Project

Regina Arnold
Living Science Project

Each year I introduce my students to our leopard gecko. When the classroom first obtained the lizard I allowed the students to name it. Dinosaur was picked. The lizard will last 10 years so the younger siblings get to see and participate in caring for the class pet that their older siblings started. I allow the children to see me care for the crickets and mealworms that later will be the food for the lizard. They learn the cycle of life, watch Dino grow by shedding his skin, and see that he can go without eating for days. I clean the tank of debris and had a one time allow the children to hold the lizard via a observation container. Now he is to big. I allow other classes to come in when he is shedding and sometimes the older classes come in to feed him. This has become a school pet instead of class pet. I like the idea that the whole school can participate in out "Living Science" project. The lizard will leave the classroom during the school breaks and after babysitting the lizard some parents have purchased their own. I think have a growing class pet is good for the kids. Low maintenance so that they can be taken home by the children and long lasting so not having to deal with the death or illness of the pet.

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Living Science Project
August 2, 2021
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