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Make a scarecrow

Erin Clark
Make a scarecrow

We first read the story THE SCARECROW'S HAT and discussed how the main character helped each of his friends, and was rewarded in the end. I used visuals purchased off of TpT for visuals to help keep track of each animal and their item, and the kids played a matching game to match what each animal started with, and then again to match what each animal ended with.

Skills targeted:

*Academic: Sequencing, Memory, Cause/Effect, Wh questions, Story elements, WHY questions, describing, vocabulary.

Make a scarecrow

*Developmental: Fine motor, tactile sensory input, visual spacial concepts, hand-eye motor control, hand strength (put them on a bouncy ball chair or wobble chair and you get core strength as well).


1) Small paper plate

2) yellow/orange yarn or shredded yellow

3) buttons of various sizes

4) markers

5) burlap ribbon (fancy way) or brown construction paper (in a pinch)

6) Glue (I used hot glue because I'm impatient).

1) color the back of the plate

2) glue the yarn on the upper raised part (but not the rim)

3) glue the ribbon/paper hat on the head slightly above the yarn so it looks like straw sticking out

4) glue on the buttons for eyes and nose

5) draw mouth

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Make a scarecrow
October 18, 2022
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