Scarecrow craft

Scarecrow craft

The autumn unit consists of many crafts, one of the main concepts of preschoolers. This week we were celebrating Art Week by painting and designing a cornfield with a scarecrow.

To maximise the fun and creativity during virtual learning, I have been preparing weekly packets for my students to pick up and use during our lessons.

Preparing art craft resources for every student is not an easy task!

But it gives me joy when I see my students excited to explore what I have included in their packet and start making guesses on what we will make.

This time around, all of our crafts will be joined in one big craft for each.

On daily basis, we will be making autumn related crafts such as (scarecrow masks, printing leaves, printing corn using bubble sheets) We will use many different tools to celebrate ART in every way possible.

The resources that I used for this activity are:

White cardboard.

Yellow paint.

1 Paper plate.

Wool threads.

Googly eyes.

Orange construction paper.

Green construction paper.


Watercolours kit.


Roll sponge.

Golden tape to make the frame.


Scarecrow craft
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Scarecrow craft
October 24, 2021
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