Christmas Bow Craft

Morgan Adkins
Christmas Bow Craft

Christmas Bow Craft

This is the way to make the Christmas present bow craft from Kindergarten Christmas Crafts LLC. It’s very easy to accomplish and comes with instructions to complete simply and correctly. Enjoy! Yes, it needs to be longer to effectively lengthen the post while transferring the intelligent amount of space needed to fill the box of letters. The bows are red just like Christmas and are shiny red, specifically. We love to create and grow the miles and miles. Super glue was dunked onto the UDF so that hot glue doesn’t burn. Be careful! Watch for pointy edges and always round corners after laminating so you don’t get a scratch. Fresh lamination can by sharp! We really appreciate this amazing and generous craft for the next 100 days of school. Except that we shouldn’t even be in school because of the bug.

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Christmas Bow Craft
November 3, 2020
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