Christmas-Themed Paper Stocking Craft

.Emily Davis
Christmas-Themed Paper Stocking Craft

Christmas-Themed Paper Stocking Craft

Hanging-up stockings for Christmas is a great way to start-off this magical Winter season! With that in mind, Crossroads Preschool BCPS came-up with this very creative stocking craft that fits the theme of Christmas wonderfully!

Stockings of Paper

Real stockings can be hard to decorate due to all the fabric and textures, so the students at this school made their stockings out of construction paper! By having construction paper cut to look like a stocking the students then could create a design of whatever they felt best represented them. The students drew and colored these images before then gluing-on a piece of paper that looked like the warm fuzzy top of a real stocking. Students then wrote their names upon this top piece and hung their stockings by their cubbies with care!

Crossroads Preschool BCPS

This Christmas-themed paper stocking craft was great to encouraging creativity, developing skills related to art, and reinforced an understanding of spelling (via students writing the letters in their name). It was just as fun to do as it was educational and easy to prepare!

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Christmas-Themed Paper Stocking Craft
December 6, 2019
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