Classroom Christmas Decorations

.Mia Brown
Classroom Christmas Decorations

Classroom Christmas Decorations

At Learning Years Day School – Hawthorn Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon they had a fantastic time with the school's new expansion!

The employee Janet challenged the teachers to decorate their hallways in all kinds of creative ways this year and there was amazing creativity on display by everyone! There were Whoville and Arendale, resulting in a beautiful winter wonderland. It was incredible to see the school change from a regular place to an incredible and magical land!

Amazing Decorations!

The teachers displayed how much dedication they had to their students by transforming the school in amazing ways. The children who got to see this magic happen right before their eyes were amazed and impressed for sure!

The preschool children could be seen dancing under the faux-snowflakes when Teacher Cassie added a snowflake light in, "Arendale." The amazing pictures below simply can't fully express the love, time, and how much thinking went into these areas of the school!

Learning Years Day School - Hawthorn Farms


Hillsboro, OR, United States

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Classroom Christmas Decorations
December 19, 2019
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