Making Slime and Cloud Dough as a Class!

Making Slime and Cloud Dough as a Class!

Making Slime and Cloud Dough as a Class!

Brazos Valley Kidz Academy had a ball when they spent some time making slime and cloud dough!

Learning all about slime and cloud dough

The students love learning all about what slime and cloud dough were made out of. Slime can be created with shampoo and corn starch, or sometimes with glue and saline solutions. Cloud dough is also sometimes known as moon sand and great for sensory play as well!

The consistency of Cloud Dough can be powdery like flour and also easy to mould. It is a bit like damp sand yet feels silky smooth as well. The students loved feeling the slime and cloud dough. They compared and contrasted them and discussed which was their favorite to handle. Some kids like the stickiness of slime and others enjoyed how smooth cloud dough was.

Source for photos: Brazos Valley Kidz Academy

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Making Slime and Cloud Dough as a Class!
August 2, 2021
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