Making Splatter Paint Pictures

Making Splatter Paint Pictures

Making Splatter Paint Pictures

At Kingswood Academy Delray Beach, they learned about various methods of painting. One painter who was discussed was Jackson Pollock. It was talked about how he would splatter paint on the canvas to create unique and beautiful works of art. After learning all about Pollock and his creations the students went outside (to help reduce any possible mess) and made their own splatter paintings!

So much splattering!

The kids really had a ball when they were splattering paint on their canvases (and everywhere else). They would put some paint on their brush, and then fling it in the direction of their canvas, watching as some paint landed on it and other bits of paint fell all over the place. It was messy but extremely fun!

Source for photos: Kingswood Academy Delray Beach

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Making Splatter Paint Pictures
May 11, 2021
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