Frozen Paint Fun!

Frozen Paint Fun!

Frozen Paint Fun!

At Candy Apples Preschool & Family Day Home, they did a fun activity with paint! The teachers put paint in little muffin tins and then froze it overnight. Then, the children used this frozen paint to make some beautiful Winter-themed creations.

How this activity was done

The teachers poured assorted paints in the muffin tin the day before the activity. They used, "Cool," colors as those are often associated with colder weather like the kind experienced during Winter. They put the paint in the muffin tin and froze it overnight. Then, the next day they took the tin out and let students use their paintbrushes as well as hands to scoop the frozen paint and work to smear it on their canvases/pieces of paper. The kiddos loved how the paint felt cold on their hands and was both kind of a solid and kind of a liquid. It was great fun!

Source for photos: Candy Apples Preschool & Family Day Home

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Frozen Paint Fun!
November 27, 2021
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