Matching Big and Small Letters

Matching Big and Small Letters

Matching Big and Small Letters

Kids can get tired of printables and flat materials, we all know that. They prefer something that they can play like a toy and manipulate as well. On the other side, learning the alphabets can be tedious to them as well. So combinging the two, I came up with this letter box. This is an easy and fun way of kids to learn the big and small letters of the alphabets. All you need is a box with the small or big letters and some popsicle sticks where the small or big letters are written. The kids will then have to match the letters by inserting the popsicle sticks in the corresponding holes. For the advanced kids (those who already know their alphabets, I include eliciting the letter sounds and some words that start with a particular letter sound). For beginners, I give them a copy of the alphabets that they could look on.

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Matching Big and Small Letters
May 1, 2022
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