Mini DIY Printable Book about What Animal is the, “Most,” of its Kind For Kids

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This project allows students to make their own mini printable book via a do-it-yourself process. The book is focused on what animals are the, “Most,” of their kind. Children can assemble this book and then enjoy reading it!

The Most of Their Kind

Pages In the Book:

  • The Cheetah is the fastest
  • The Snail is the slowest
  • The Shrew is the smallest
  • The Python is the longest
  • The Giraffe is the tallest
  • The Turtle is the longest-lived
  • The Elephant is the largest

Mini DIY Printable Book

Below are the pages to print for your mini DIY printable book:

How to Make Your Mini DIY Printable Book

Below is an illustrated tutorial about how to assemble the mini DIY printable book:

Make a six-page book out of one sheet of paper

Coloring Pages

After children enjoy reading their mini DIY printable book they might want to color their own version of these animals that are the most of their kind! These coloring sheets allow them to do so as they are all in black-and-white:

Animal Coloring Pages

Colorful Pictures of the Animals

Should students want to examine a larger image of their animals these printable colorful pictures are great for a bigger print-out to study:

Colorful Pictures of the Animals

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! Click here to see more

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