Multimedia Birch Tree Grove Collage

Multimedia Birch Tree Grove Collage

Multimedia Birch Tree Grove Collage

They made a beautiful multimedia collage at Thales Academy Holly Springs. The fourth Graders were inspired by the Aurora Borealis for their colorful skies in the collage. They used watercolors or acrylic paints and newspapers to create the look of an evening in a birch tree grove.

Some incredible groves

The groves were very interesting looking. The children took their canvases and first used their acrylic or watercolor paints to cover the whole canvas in colors that looked like the Aurora Borealis. After the paint dried, they glued on the newsprint to make the ground and regular white paper to make the trees they then put splotches of black paint on to make them look like birch trees. The final result was gorgeous!

Source for photos: Thales Academy Holly Springs

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Multimedia Birch Tree Grove Collage
March 24, 2021
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